Want a Reliable Shredder For Your Office? Get Fellowes Powershred B-161C Cross-Cut Shredder!

Want to protect your personal information by shredding sheets of paper having sensitive data? Want a shredder that delivers higher security and greater efficiency? Look no further! Fellowes Powershred B-161C Cross-Cut Shredder is the tough one you have been looking for. Have a look at its detailed review and decide for your own.

Superb productivity

Having a shredding capacity of 16 paper sheets purpose, along with an 18 minute run-time – it’s designed to boost your shredding productivity to a higher level. It comes with an 8 gallon pullout bin which is quite easy to empty and simplifies the job of waste disposal, thereby saving time.

Very reliable

B-161C has been built to last with the powerful motor, solid steel cutters and the parts that are designed to be far better than the competitors. This device can shred paper into 50% smaller particles as compared to the regular crosscut shredders. It’s tough enough to cut through credit cards, paperclips, staples and CD/DVDs, while making sure that the documents have been shredded into completely unreadable pieces (1/8 in x 29/32 in).

Excellent features and performance

It’s a no frills, yet powerful office machine that will efficiently do the job it’s designed to do. The machine is ideal for as many as three users, who handle sensitive information on a regular basis. It delivers a very quiet performance, even when under prolonged use. The noise level is so low that anyone working nearby would hardly notice. Its features also include an electronic start / stop function that can also be set to automatic mode.

Exceptional build quality and support

Fellowes focuses on innovative solutions and quality assurance in order to exceed expectations. There are a lot of tests performed on the product before launching it, which proves the toughness and reliability of this shredder. Along with that, they are committed to delivering a first-class support and service for this shredder.

Who Would Buy This?

If you have a lot of documents in your office that need to be disposed, but contain a lot of sensitive information – Fellowes Powershred B-161C Cross-Cut Shredder will certainly meet your needs. Considering the increasing identity theft concerns, this shredder is an essential requirement of every office, whether large or small.

Value For Money?

This shredder isn’t just a purchase; it’s actually an investment for your privacy and security. Taking into account the build quality, efficiency, performance, features and usability of this shredder – there’s no doubt that it’s worth every penny. So, if you want a heavy duty shredder, it’s highly recommended that you buy this one.

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